Following are example pieces built by KillenWOOD. Each  includes  detailed drawings, computer models, and  construction procedures. Click on Example Design Document PDF to see a typical set of plans.

This is a reproduction of a chair in Williamsburg, VA in mahogany. It has a pierced and carved back splat. Mortise and tenon joints are used throughout.

I reproduced three Wall Lamps—the originals seen in Ft. Ross, a CA State Park on Pacific Coast. The originals were probably fitted with a candle or whale oil wick. The reproduction is electric with the lamp enclosed in clear glass removable housing. Built in old-growth redwood.

Fort Ross Wall Lamp

These windows were built for inclusion in a Timber Frame building shown on another page of this website. The windows are built in old-growth redwood using typical 18th C joinery techniques. The muntins are connected to stiles and rails with mortise & tenon joints.

18th C Reproduction Windows

These cabinets were built and designed in my shop for the Diablo Woodworkers. The cabinets, currently located in the County Jury Room, are used to display items built by the Diablo Woodworker members. The design uses 4 single piece posts with mortise and tenon joints for the rails. It also used a “bed-bolt” design for breakdown.

A Pair of Cherry Display Cabinets

18th C style batten doors were built for a timber frame building shown elsewhere in this website. The doors were built in old-growth redwood, fitted with tongue and groove joints. The battens were fastened with reproduction clinch rosehead nails. Hinges are reproduction hand-forged strap iron with screw pintles.

Batten Doors

This pieces is a reproduction of an original located in the Shaker Museum, Old Chatham, NY. I used old-growth straight-grained Douglas fir. It houses the flat-screen TV and associated electronic equipment. All drawers are built with hand-cut dovetails with solid bottoms.

Shaker High Cupboard Chest

Furniture Examples 2

Williamsburg Chippendale Chair