Text Box: Cherry Display Cabinets

Built for display of pieces by Diablo Woodworkers in Bay Area of CA. Located in the County Seat Jury Room. Constructed in cherry—two identical cabinets.

Display Cabinet Summary

· Post and rail construction

· Mortise and tenon joints

· Bed-bolt feature for case breakdown

· 1/4 inch tempered glass including the top panel

· Heavy 3-piece hand-cut crown molding

· 4 feet wide, 2 feet deep, and 7 feet tall

The design incorporates 4 single piece posts with mortise and tenon joints for the rails at the top and bottom. It also used a “bed-bolt” design for each rail to post joint. This feature allows breakdown and replacement of glass. The post material is 2  1/2 x 3 and the rails are 2 x6. No glue will be used on post and rail joints. Construction occurred over a 2-week period. Finished in oil, then French polish shellac.

Design and Construction of Cherry Display Cabinets