Text Box: 18th C Reproduction Windows

These are reproduction windows made in old-growth redwood. They are fitted to a timber frame building with hand wrought strap iron hinges. The windows have conventional wooden muntins tenoned into stiles.

Window Summary

· Sash with rails, stiles, and muntins

· Through mortise and tenon joints

· Old-growth redwood

· Heavy frame with 15 degree sloped sill

· Restoration glass

· Hand wrought strap iron hinges with screw pintles

I chose two styles of windows—transom and casement. The transom windows (quantity four) are fixed and located above the door at the front of the building, and also in the rear. These provide additional natural light to the inside of the building. There are also two pairs of casement windows located on each side of the building. These open wide and provide comfortable cross ventilation.

All window sash are traditional design with rails, stiles, muntins, and multiple panes of restoration glass. The joints are also traditional, i.e., mortise and tenon.

Before building the sash, I designed and constructed the window frame assemblies that attached to the timber frame structural components. These frames were built and assembled in my woodworking shop, then moved and fixed into place in the timber frame structure.

Reproduction of 18C Windows