Text Box: Pine Cupboard Chest

This is a reproduction of an original Shaker piece 1700 pine and oak table originally built in Connecticut. Currently in Connecticut Historical Society. Table has chamfered posts, stretchers, and breadboard top.

Cupboard Summary

 Dovetailed plinth for strong base

 Hand-cut dovetailed drawers

 Paneled door with through tenons

 Tongue and groove back

 Hand shaped cornice molding

 Shellac French polish finish

My granddaughter needed a chest of drawers in her small bedroom. A typical shaped chest of drawers (traditional 18 C, early American, or period piece) is too wide for the space available. A Handberg book of Shaker furniture includes a Pine Cupboard Chest (pages 4 and 5) which would fit perfectly in the corner of the room next to the window (width is only 28 inches). Along with the five ample sized drawers, the piece includes a small upper cupboard which will come in handy for storing books and other treasured objects.


Building Stages for the Pine Cupboard: The major stages of the construction of this piece, in sequence, are:

1. Carcase assembly. This includes the tall sides, the top and bottom plates including dovetail joints.

2. Plinth assembly and fastening to the carcase

3. Drawer frame assembly and installation into the carcase. This includes the upper cabinet base.

4. Front panel and crest piece fabrication and installation into the carcase

5. Upper molding construction and attaching to the carcase

6. Drawer construction and fitting to carcase

7. Panel door assembly and fitting of brass hinges into the front opening of the carcase

8. Back panel construction and fitting to carcase

9. Drawer knob turning

10. Fabrication and shaping of adjustable shelf in cabinet

11. Final sanding and finishing

Reproduction of Shaker Pine Cupboard Chest