Text Box: Redwood Timber Frame

17th—18th C joints are reproduced in this old-growth redwood timber frame building. Hand-cut and pinned mortise and tenon joints are used throughout.

Timber Frame Summary

· Pegged mortise and tenon joints throughout

· Old-growth redwood

· Muntin windows

· Half-dovetail connected rafters

· 18th C reproduction hardware

· Batten doors

Construction: Stages of construction include:

1. Fabrication of Sill components including all mortise and tenon end joints, and floor joist connections

                 Note: For the fitting of all mortises and tenons, I built small test joint sections which could be lifted up to the sills to ensure proper joint sizing

2. Installation of Sill components on foundation

3. Fabrication of floor joists and installation into sill sockets

4. Fabrication of posts including all mortises for girts, mortise for braces, through-mortise for crossbeams, and tenons at both top and bottom

5. Fabrication of angle braces and girts

6. Fabrication of two cross beams with through tenons

7. Fabrication of two top plates with mortises and step-lapped rafter seats

8. Assembly of the two bents

9. Raising of bents and installation of long girts

10. Placement of two top plates

11. Fabrication and assembly of rafters and collar ties with half dovetails joints

12. Installation of rafter assemblies on top plate step-lapped rafter seats

                 Note: As of December 18, 2005, the following construction activities remain to be done. All previous 12 steps have been completed.

13. Installation of roof sheathing— ship lapped 1 x 6’s

14. Fastening of cedar shakes

15. Construction and installation of windows

16. Placement of vertical siding— ship lapped 1 x 6’s

17. Trim

18. Plank flooring installation— 2 x 6’s

Reproduction of Timber Frame Building