Following are example pieces built by KillenWOOD. Each includes  detailed drawings, computer models, and  construction procedures. Click on Example Design Document PDF to see a typical set of plans.

This is my first work in contemporary furniture. I’m teaching a class on how to build a Maloof Rocker and several students have produced beautiful pieces in walnut and ash. A SketchUp model was created from Sam Maloof’s article in Fine Woodworking.

Maloof Rocker

These are heavy oak sawhorses which are replicas of those in the Williamsburg Cabinet Shop. They provide excellent support for projects in the shop. They are constructed to withstand heavy use with mortise and tenon and dovetail joints.

Williamsburg Sawhorses

This is an example of a Philadelphia Fan Back Windsor arm chair. I have built several 18th C classic Windsors including Massachusetts Fanback, Pennsylvania Comb Back, New York Braced Bow Back, and Connecticut Sack Backs. These are all with pine seats and ash for all the other parts. SketchUp design files are done for each.

Windsor Chairs

This is an all-around handy and mobile piece. The children pull it up to the coffee table, or might be just as likely to sit on the floor and use the foot stool as their table. It is light weight built of pine. It includes dovetail and mortise and tenon joints. The design is based on horse-drawin wagon seats with angled back and sides.

Foot Stool

Built of Western Red Cedar, this rack can handle multiple storage needs outside in the garden or on the deck or patio. All joints are mortise and tenon. Each level, individually assembled and glued, is removable and is fixed to the overall rack by 4 pins at each level.

Garden Storage Rack

This is a reproduction of a Williamsburg, VA piece circa 1770. I used maple whereas the original was in walnut. All mortise and tenon joints are pinned with square ebony pegs. The drawers, with hand-cut dovetails, are trimmed in an ebony cock bead.

Furniture Examples 4

Williamsburg Bookcase on Stand