Following are example pieces built by KillenWOOD. Each includes  detailed drawings, computer models, and  construction procedures. Click on Example Design Document PDF to see typical set of plans.

These are light weight handy towel racks for convenient location in bathrooms or bedrooms. Design is based on authentic Shaker piece. All joints are mortise and tenon. The tenons are held tight by ebony wedges providing a nice contrast to the pine wood.

Shaker Towel Rack

This design is based on a quaint Pennsylvania Sawbuck Dining Table dated 1700-1750. This piece was scaled to be used by a child or as a coffee table. One drawer is provided which can be pulled from either side of the table. The lower leg section can be dismantled.

Sawbuck Table

This is a replica of a New England pine cupboard originally located in Longfellow’s Wayside Inn, Sudbury. I built a pair of these for my granddaughter’s bedroom. Doors are also provided on the lower cabinet section.

Wall Cupboard

Another replica from New England are these handy child’s chairs. I built two as booster seats for the grandchildren, finished in milk paint. These could also be used for displaying plants. Detail drawings, exploded 3D model views, and construction notes are provided.

Child’s Chair

This is a replica of a John Townsend product probably built around 1750. The original was in cherry, however I used mahogany for the piece pictured to the left. Construction details replicate 18th Century techniques with use of dovetail and mortise and tenon joints. Detail drawings, models and construction notes are provided.

Chest of Drawers

Unique crib design along the lines of a fence and gate motif. Note iron strap hinges for the “gate” opening. No need to lift baby over the top, rather through the gate. Mattress and bedding are easily accessed at one level through the gate. Meets modern US code requirements. Detail design, models, and notes available.

Child’s Crib

Furniture Examples 3