Following are example pieces built by KillenWOOD. Each  includes  detailed drawings, computer models, and  construction procedures. Click on Example Design Document PDF to see a typical set of plans.

These are reproductions of a 1785 Knife Tray in Williamsburg, VA. The original, made in Walnut, was seen in the Peyton Randolph House. The corners are connected with hand-cut bevel dovetails. These are used to hold a variety of objects in several rooms of the home.

Williamsburg Knife Tray

This is an early 18th C table in pine. The original with a wedge truss, vase ends on shoes, scrolled truss, and thumbnail mold top, was identified in Wallace Nutting’s “Furniture Treasury”. This is a handy lightweight table especially for laptop computer use. I’ve included a unique drawer which is useful from both sides of the table.

Pine Trestle Worktable

You can find several of these benches in the gardens of the Williamsburg Governor’s Mansion. The originals in Williamsburg were made of mahogany and painted white. They feature a contoured back which is great for sitting comfort. Mortise and tenon construction is used throughout.

Reproduction Williamsburg Garden Bench

This shed was designed and built using 17-18th C timber frame technology. Timber connections are made with traditional pinned mortise & tenon joints. Batten doors were connected using 18th C reproduction clinch nails. The windows are made from scratch with standard muntins and reproduction glass.

Redwood (old growth) Timber Frame Shed

This is a 1700 Connecticut table previously located in the Wadsworth Atheneum. I am using this table in a course I’m teaching on Reproducing Antique Furniture. It uses pinned mortise and tenon joints throughout. The top is a breadboard design. The drawer has hand-cut dovetails with solid bottom.

Chamfered Post Table

This is a reproduction of a Shaker piece in Pine. The drawers are all built with hand-cut dovetail joints and solid bottom. The cupboard door is traditional floating raised panel with stiles and rails connected with through mortise and tenon joints. The chest sits in a dovetailed and molded plinth frame that provides a sturdy platform.

Shaker Pine Cupboard Chest

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