Text Box: Fort Ross Wall Lamp

This is a reproduction of a wall lamp seen in Fort Ross, a California State Park on the Northern Coast. It is reconstructed in old growth redwood.

Wall Lamp Summary

 Removable glass enclosure for cleaning

 Electric components/wire enclosed in metal

 Porcelain socket

 Vent holes in top

 Breakdown construction for replacement of glass

Introduction: My wife and I recently visited Fort Ross in Jenner, CA. This was not our first time there, but it had been several years since our last visit. Fort Ross is a California State Park which commemorates the Russian settlement in northern California in the early 1800ís. The fort is mainly reconstructed with a high wooden wall enclosing several large buildings serving the fort operations mainly focused on acquiring sea otter furs. The buildings are interesting architecture using large redwood timbers. The joinery is classic timber-frame style although influenced by Russian Alaskan (Aleutian Island) culture. In one of the buildings there are several wall lamps which were originally candle-powered. They had been tastefully updated to electric incandescent bulbs.

These wall lamps caught our eyes as beautiful and effective lamps. We could readily envision their position on the exterior walls at the front of our house. Therefore, we decided immediately to reproduce these lamps and replace the old plastic fixtures currently installed.

Unfortunately, we were without a camera and a tape measure. So I spent some time studying these lamps to fix in my brain the size and structure. Immediately on arrival at home, I began to rebuild these lamps in a computer design model.

Reproduction of Fort Ross Wall Lamp